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Truck rental

Checklist for renting a truck

The big day has come and you are on your way to pick up your moving truck. Many people are intimidated by the size, but you are looking forward to a relaxing trip across the country listening to your favorite CDs and songs. At the end of the trip, a new beginning awaits with a great job promotion and a beautiful home. For now, though, you are on your way to pick up the truck. You’ve done your research, compared costs, determined that the company is reputable, and called ahead to make sure something is available. Remember, though, there are a few things to check for when renting a moving truck.

First, make sure to check for damage inside and out. The Rental Agent should have a checklist for you. Go through this and note any scratches, dings, torn upholstery, cracked windows, missing parts, or any other issue that concerns you. Keep in mind that if there are any damages you miss, the truck company may have the right to charge you for them, even if you did not cause them. Once you drive away, the truck is your liability, so take the time to fill out everything and have the agent sign them off for you.

Next, go over your paperwork. When it says there is a quarter of a tank of gas, then that is what the gauge should read. If the paperwork states 148,000 miles, then the odometer should agree. Also, if it claims there is a dolly in a back, check and alert the agent if it is gone.

In addition to this, take a good look at the size of the box compartment. Decide if this is enough space to comfortably fit your belongings or if you need to rent something bigger. The extra cost will be worth it should you find you need more space  after you have already packed half the truck.

The loading ramp is rather important to check. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. See if it is easy to use and works well. You will need it to be functioning correctly in order to load and unload your belongings.

If you are moving a long distance, such as from one state to another, find out where to return the truck and the hours of service. Remember that often rates will be higher when you travel one way.

Before you leave, go over your options for insurance. Although many insurance policies do cover rentals, yours may not. It is imperative that you have the proper coverage before continuing your adventure.

Finally, as you drive away, listen and watch for any issues. You do not want to compromise safety when you drive a rental truck. If, for any reason, you do not feel confident that the truck is in sound mechanical condition, return it.

By taking the time to go over all possibilities, you will protect yourself, your belongings, and ensure a successful, enjoyable experience as you begin your new life. And of course you can always count on we be moving as your other option! 

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